brainInternational Accreditation of Sport Education (IASE) is concerned with setting, maintaining and enhancing the professional and ethical standards of its members who are actively involved in sport education and exercise science.

High standards are promoted in two particular ways:

  1. Through the adoption of a strict .doc doument IASE Code of Conduct to which all members must adhere. Violation of this code of conduct can result in sanctions, including removal of accreditation. The code of conduct serves to ensure a minimum level of service to individuals or groups who make use of the range of services offered by sport education.
  1. IASE accreditation is awarded to those practitioners who are deemed by the Association to have the minimum knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to be safe and fit to practice as a sport education.

Members may achieve accreditation as a result of work in applied sport/exercise science support, research or pedagogy. In all cases the process and the judgement of generic knowledge, skills and professional practice will apply although how these are expressed and the “client” group will differ.

Those accredited by IASE are entitled to use the term ‘International Accreditation of Sport Education (IASE)’ while they still fully meet all the relevant accreditation criteria.